My Thoughts on Sherlock

If you’re not using Sherlock for view debugging on iOS, in short I highly recommend it! There have been numerous occasions where I’ve been trying to get a stack view to behave properly, figure out why my programmatic constraint doesn’t look right, etc and having a visual element inspector similar to the one we have in Google Chrome is extremely helpful.

Last week, I was helping a coworker setup a simple UITableViewCell that had a label, a small pill view, and a UISwitch inside of it. He was using a UIStackView to contain the label and pill and it wasn’t being displayed he wanted. He could spend 15 minutes changing properties on the stack view to get it to display right, but instead I told him to download Sherlock and he had it working in a couple minutes.

I’m not a sponsor of Sherlock, I just really like it and it has saved me tons of time. Go sign up for the beta here!

TJ Barber @tjbarber