Hello there! My name is TJ Barber. I’m a software developer currently living in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. I’ve also had the opportunity to live in Colorado Springs, CO and Charlottesville, VA, but Colorado holds an extra special place in my heart. You’ll see me post about it often.

I am a co-host on the podcast Making Blocks and am a full-time software developer at ThreeSixtyEight. In between these two, I’m also in the process of developing my own software products and building iOS apps on the side.

Before ThreeSixtyEight, I was a full-time iOS developer at WillowTree Apps where I got the opportunity to work on some large scale iOS applications. Talk about a fun time!

I’m an unashamed Christian. God has given me a new life through His Son, and blessed me with an both an amazing family and church family. My beautiful wife and daughter are amazing gifts and they make my life so much fun.

This is my personal blog. I will also include links on this page to my development blog, which you can find on dev.to.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a big Apple nerd. All of the photography and videography I do, I do exclusively on the iPhone.

You can contact me at my email: me@tjbarber.org. I look forward to hearing from you!

TJ Barber @tjbarber